Friday, January 29, 2010

Accomplishments in progress

Well, after a long week of work, I have managed to accomplish the following:

-worked on writing Mr. J's job transfer proposal
-found an interesting property, researched it and contacted the agent
-freecycled several large items, freeing up space in the house for the reno
-packed up a good deal of the kitchen
-packed up some books
-made arrangements with a plumber
-made arrangements for an energy auditor
-cleared out items from the storage room

As well, I have motivated Mr. J to start sifting through all his 'items'. Mr.J has a lot of items. He's a bit of a packrat some would say....he would say...he's a "collector". I can't say I'm entirely guilt free of the same habit at times-I like to save really really junky things that I think will be useful one day. For instance, there is a giant roll of old holey chainlink fencing wire in the backyard, that I have no intention of parting with. Someone freecycled it to me and I never used it. But fence wire is expensive....and when you like can seemingly never have enough fence wire.

Today, I have some more cleaning and organizing to do, and to prepare the laundry room to function as a temporary kitchen while we rip the main bank of cupboards and counter/sink out.

A plumber is also coming to fix the bathtub tap and overflow.

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